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Zodiac Soap

Made with an all vegetable-derived glycerin soap and cosmetic-grade pigments, micas and glitters. No two bars are exactly alike. Scented with my proprietary olfactive formulations. Each weighs 4 ounces.

[March 21 - April 19]
Sweet Sandalwood + Spring's Warmth.
White Pearl Mica + Diamond Glitter.
Traditional Intention: Consecration.
Ruled By: Mars.
Tarot Trump: The Emperor.
Deities: Ares/Mars, Athena/Minerva.

[April 20 - May 20]
Scorched Woods, Zephyr + Coconut Cream Macaroons.
Patina Mica.
Traditional Intention: Strength & Courage.
Ruled By: Venus.
Tarot Trump: The Hierophant.
Deities: Freyja & Frigg, Isis, Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl.

[May 21 - June 20]
White Jasmine, Black Orchid, Three Fruits.
Pale Blue Mica + Diamond Glitter.
Traditional Intentions: Stengthen Ritual Prophecy, Astral Travel.
Ruled By: Mercury.
Tarot Trump: The Lovers.
Deities: Castor & Pollux, Janus.

[June 21 - July 22]
Blue Lotus + Five Fruits.
Turquoise Pearl Mica.
Traditional Intention: Enchantment.
Ruled By: The Moon.
Tarot Trump: The Chariot.
Deities: Lares & Penates, Hermes/Mercury.

[July 23 - August 22]
Warm Amber, Orange Confiture, White Flowers.
Gold Mica
Traditional Intention: Animal Magic.
Ruled By: The Sun.
Tarot Trump: Strength.
Deity: Apollo.

[August 23 - September 22]
White Sandalwood, Lemon Zest, Bergamot.
Purple Pearl Mica.
Traditional Intentions: Initiation, Invisibility.
Tarot Trump: The Hermit.
Deities: Adonis, Attis, Demeter/Ceres.

[September 23 - October 22]
Exceptional Tobacco + Spiced Incense.  Traditional Intentions: Justice, The Balance Factor.
Pink Pearl Mica.
Ruled By: Venus.
Tarot Trump: Justice.
Deity: Vulcan/Hephaestus.

[October 23 - November 21]
Dark Woods, Wet Grave Dirt, Benzoin, Pepper.
Black Pearl Mica.
Traditional Intention: Communication With The Departed.
Ruled By: Mars.
Tarot Trump: Death.
Deity: Kali.

[November 22 - December 21]
Nutmeg, Spiced Caramels, Vanilla Beans.
Antique Sapphire Mica.
Traditional Intention: Shapeshifting.
Ruled By: Jupiter.
Tarot Trump: Temperance.
Deities: Artemis/Diana, Zeus/Jupiter, Odin.

[December 22 - January 19]
Rich Musk, Young Woods, Thistle Root, Sweet Warmth.
Red Mica + Purple Glitter.
Traditional Intentions: Safe Travel To Ritual Gatherings, Strengthen Or Weaken The Evil Eye.
Ruled By: Saturn.
Tarot Trump: The Devil.
Deities: Dionysus/Bacchus, Pan/Faunus, Hestia/Vesta, Persephone/Proserpine.

[January 20 - February 18]
The Ocean's Breeze + A Touch of Frankincense.
Antique Silver Mica.
Traditional Intention: Aid Astrological Works.
Ruled By: Saturn.
Tarot Trump: The Star.
Deities: Hera/Juno, Prometheus.

[February 19 - March 20]
Voluptuous Amber + Rose Water.
Pale Pink Mica + Pink Glitter.
Traditional Intention: Bewitchment, Creating Illusions.
Ruled By: Jupiter.
Tarot Trump: The Moon.
Deities: Inanna/Sauska/Astarte/Aphrodite/Venus, Poseidon/Neptune.

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