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Tiny Plush Sugar Skull Dolls
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Fun-Sized, Colorful, Glittering Magic.

These palm-sized sweeties were inspired by Voodoo Dolls and Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls.

Sewn by hand out of unbleached cotton, stuffed with new Poly-fil, stained with pigments mixed with Raw Honey heavily diluted in Bombay Spice Tea, adorned with glittering painted eyes, sequins and haphazard decorative stitches.

Each measures 3.5" Tall x 3'5" with arms outstretched.

Due to the tiny parts and overall delicacy, these Assemblage Art Dolls are intended for display - not play.

Available for your acquisition individually or as a Complete, Gift-Wrapped Set Of Four.

-Pink Wash/Purple Glittering Eyes/Purple Sequins/Sacred Heart Design [Center Of Skull]
-Moss Green Wash/Blue Glittering Eyes/Teal Sequins/Diamond Design [Center Of Skull]
-Blue Wash/Moss Green Glittering Eyes/Chartreuse Sequins/Cross Design [Center Of Skull]
-Purple Wash/Pink Glittering Eyes/Fuchsia Sequins/Flower Design [Center Of Skull]

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