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Themed Cocktail + Snacks/Oct. 25th
$4.00 - $18.00

While you're buying your advance General Admission or Reserved Seating for Monster Monday, you can also add on the themed cocktail and snacks. They'll also be available during our event.

Deep Red Punch
This should also give you a big clue as to what our first film will be!
A generous 10 oz. in realistic reusable IV Blood Bag.
Concord Wine, Pomegranate Juice, Bourbon, Lemon Lime Soda.

Freshly-Baked Chocolate Walnut Cookies
Made with rich quality ingredients such as real butter and my own aged rum vanilla extract.
One Cookie: $4
Three Cookies: $6
Dozen Cookies: $18

Old-Fashioned Baked Chex Mix
Wonderfully Savory. Chex Mix, Pretzels, Mixed Nuts, Butter, Worcestershire Sauce and Creole Spices.
One [Volume] Cup: $5

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