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Shadow Box Soaps
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These Handcrafted Curiosities are made with an all vegetable-derived glycerin soap and cosmetic-grade pigments, micas and glitters. The look of each is the result of at least five layers and many artistic techniques. No two bars are alike. Scented with my proprietary olfactive formulations.

Select From Ten Beautiful Designs..
-Anatomical Heart scented with Blood. Round.
-The Babadook scented with Scarecrow. Rectangular.
-Coffins & Owls scented with Treat Treat. Rectangular.
-Conjoined Skeletons scented with Funeral Pyre. Rectangular.
-Death's Head Moth scented with Geek Love. Rectangular.
-Goat Of Mendes scented with Horned Apple. Round.
-Medusa scented with Creme Furies. Round.
-Octopus scented with Lime Sugar. Round.
-Shrunken Head scented with Loot. Round.
-Tentacle Heart scented with Seratonic. Round.

Each bar weighs four ounces.

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