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One Ounce Perfume Oil

Alchemical Olfactive Delights.
Designed from Alpha to Omega.
Meticulously Crafted & Curated.

Each Black Glass Skull With Dropper contains One Ounce [30mL] of the respective proprietary scent blend, made skin-safe with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Please let me know in the checkout notes which color wax you'd like for me to use when applying my custom seal.

Wax Colors: Red, Pink, Moss Green, Royal Blue, Lilac, Copper, Antique Gold, White Pearl, Black.

Currently only available in Black Matte Glass. Perfect for displaying and decanting from for travel.


These can be described by their names, but of course..
Feminine: Antique Rose, Butter Cream, Choculala!™, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake, Lilac, Orange Dreamsicle, Vanilla Chai
Masculine: Motor Psycho™
Delicious On Any Sex: Clove, Creeping Ivy™, Dragon's Blood, Lime Sugar™, Nag Champa, Smoky Patchouli.

I'm sure you can understand and appreciate why I don't reveal the notes in each of these..
Conjuration Of Compassion, Conjuration Of Destruction, Conjuration Of Lust.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
TSS's interpretation of a balanced classic, Sandalwood & Vanilla.

Warm, Soft Pumpkin Bread. So comforting.

Ashes, Ashes™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Rose Petals, Bonfire Smoke, Black Oak & notes of Marshmallow + Candy Corn.

Regal Musk, Fine Flowers, Connecting Waters.

Beast Of The Field™
Unpretentious & Quite Complex. Legion of Varied, Subtle Layers.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Black & White & Red All Over..
You will either love or detest this blend. This is intentional, as it was inspired by The Black Dahlia.

Fruit Flesh macerated in a Thick, Resinous Profondo Rosso Syrup accentuated by Dried Flora.

Ancient Spices & Honey Amber Musk Filling Pretty Jars Safekeeping Innards.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
The most seductive blend of Sandalwoods you will ever come across.

A fragrant, decrepit cellar. Simple notes become more than their respective parts and make such claustrophobic conditions seem rather soothing.

Creme Furies™
The Three Furies in three overlapping ways creating The Perfection Calibrated by Nine.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Crisp Autumn Air Overfilled With Falling Leaves.

The Devil Is A Gentleman™
Captivating. Epicurean. Unbridled.
Spikenard, Sandalwood & Blackened Amber.

Peppercorns, Cloves & A Feral Countenance.

Dusk Rum™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Dreams full of promise, seen within The Closing Horizon.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
As The Flame is different every time it catches The Eye, so is this new every time you smell it. More to the morph than notes of Apple, Spiced Citrus & Pumpkin.

Funeral Pyre™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
The perfect mourning scent. It smells eerily like a Dark Fragrant Fire.

Geek Love™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
This is your ticket to all of The Attractions tucked away in the dusty, amber-lit Ten-In-One.

Hellfire Club™
By Invitation Only.
Potent. Animalistic. Fine Leather, Musk-Laden Smoke.

Horned Apple™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Two Apples, Autumnal Flowers, Crisp Air, Sweet Cream.

Ignis Fatuus™
A Jack O'Lantern filled with Sugared Nuts, set afire burning brightly blue and overflowing with Creamed, Honeyed Fruits.

Les Fleurs Du Mal™
["The Flowers Of Evil"]

Five Flowers, Orange-Musk Smoke & Ambergris.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Lies Just Beneath The Dark Waters' Surface. Perhaps this will awaken the untapped potential within you.

Lone Wolf™
Cloves, Vetiver & Red Sandalwood.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
An Antique Oak Basket filled with Brown Sugar-Kissed Apples.

Monster Baby™
Soft Gingerbread, Pumpkin Flesh, Hot Spiced Custard.

Naos No More™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
The Resident has forsaken it, yet the air is still rich with past offerings of Nutmeg, Amber, Balsam and Dried Woods. Deep, sultry, decrepit and musky.

Parlor Tricks™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Drinking Spirits & Bobbing For Apples In Black Celebration.

Rabid (Over You)™
Strawberry Syrup drizzled atop Green Fruits soaked in Absinthe.

Red Devil™
Red & Black Sandalwoods, Dark Amber, Curacao, Cajun Spices.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Quiet, damp, cold fertile soil.

Sardonic Moon™
Pear Surrounded By A Complexity, The Woods By Night & Two Drops Of Blood Red Ambrein.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Powered By The Night's Wind & Imagination.
Echoes Of A Farm Field In Autumn - Delicate, Dry & Cold. A Comfortable Background Scent.

Translucent Flowers, Tea, Gray Moss.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
A Melted Dark Chocolate Martini with just a touch of Effervescent, Bright Champagne.

Stygian Solstice™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Iconic Temple Incense Sees The Introduction Of Amber, Vanilla & Cinnamon for this Mephistophelian Mass.

Treat Treat™
Warm, Sugared, Lightly-Spiced Vanilla.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
The Razor in Its Ceremonial Waters. Black Myrrh & Spiced Blood Orange.

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