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Ombre Sacra
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An all natural perfume anthology comprised of three different olfactive "stories" for the Hallowe'en season, which for some of us never ends. I suggest experimenting with and wearing together to create your own personal ratio.

The first bottle is filled with Benzoin I extracted from the resin. It is beautiful, calming and Vanilla-like with touches of caramel and bitter almonds. You'll notice that it is even a bit sticky when just applied. I'd suggest putting this one on first, as it will lend a fixative quality to all else.

The second bottle contains Tonka Bean I also extracted from the beans [they're actually seeds!]. This deep, warm gourmand heart note is evocative of more Vanilla, Mallow, sun-warmed Hay and Marzipan.

Finally, Ombre Sacra ["Sacred Shadows"] is the intertwining of gorgeous [and in most cases, quite costly] essential oils of Whole Cardamom, Neroli [Bitter Orange Tree Blossoms], Mysore Sandalwood and a few secrets. Made skin safe with fractionated coconut oil.

I'd describe the overall effect of these three natural fragrances combined as a meeting of autumnal spices, incorporeal flowers and rich buttery cream making for an uplifted mood.

You will receive three 1mL amber glass bottles. Each bottle contains approximately 20 precious drops. Presented to you in a handpainted paper mache box adorned with a wonderful vintage Pumpkin Man and filled with dried marigolds collected from my small chemical-free garden as well as a Spiney No Good found during a walk.

Enjoy the fragrance and, if so inclined, use it to sanctify yourself, your tools and your space before rituals related to: Protection, Focus, Building A Sanctuary, Centering and Releasing Negative Emotions and Establishing New Connections.

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