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Mystery Box of Mysterious Mysteries!

That photo of an Atropa Belladonna I grew from seed is here because I needed to put up a photo of something!

If you know me already, you know that I make all sorts of things. I've been formulating original Perfumes for 17+ years. I sculpt, paint, am a printmaker.. I make jewelry, soap, incense, dolls, Magical ink, candles.. It goes on and on. I also do a great deal with plants. And I'm a damned fine baker of sweets.

If you don't know me, please look around both of my shops so as to see examples of the sort of things I create:

• ~ You are here! :)

The more you choose to pay, the more you'll receive!

I make things not only because I love doing so, but it is a way of connecting with people for me. I've met some of my Dearest Friends because they bought things from me. I want to know about you so that I can put together a Mystery Box filled with items I've created that will delight you! What I'm trying to say is that these aren't blindly mass-produced. Not even a little bit. You might receive something you've seen, you might receive something brand new!

Please send me a message however's convenient for you with the answers to these questions. And please feel free to tell me more about you if I've missed anything you want me to know!

1. Are you Vegan?
2. Any allergies I should know about?
3. Do you garden?
4. What kinds of scents do you like?
5. If you have any pets, will you please tell me about them?
6. Favorite book? Movie? Musical genre?
7. Do you like Magical items (ink, incense, divination tools, etc.)?

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