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Múspellsheimr Limited Edition Ceremonial Incense

This Walpurgisnacht, High Priest Peter H. Gilmore's book - The Satanic Scriptures - will turn 15 years old.

If you and I have been acquainted that long, you might remember that I was an authorized seller of his book while I had my first brick and mortar store. It was quite the feeling, seeing all of those hardbacks in one place. He kindly worked with me to design a Ceremonial Incense comprised of his favorite notes and everyone who bought his book from me also received a generous amount of that as a bonus gift. It's no wonder I sold out of what I chose to part with at that time the first day. We named it "Múspellsheimr" after The World of Fire in Norse Mythology.

I had only been formulating perfumes and incense for a few years before I created this recipe in 2007. I have learned a great deal more since that time and I think that will add to the experience.

Magus Gilmore loves Frankincense, Orange and Cinnamon. I powdered all of the components by hand before everything was aged. This Handmade Ceremonial Incense contains two types of Frankincense resin, Orris Root, Saigon Cinnamon and Palo Santo Fallen Wood with especially beautiful citrus characteristics. It also includes touches of Honey Mead, Blood Orange essential oil, Frankincense essential oil and Cinnamon Leaf as well as Bark essential oils and many Secrets. The fragrance is bright as fire and just as awe-inspiring.

This is a non-combustible incense, which means it needs an outside heat source. You'd ideally use this loose incense with an electric incense heater or Japanese bamboo charcoal. That type of charcoal is a favorite because it is chemical-free and does not interfere with the scent experience. Be safe with fire. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. The smoke is so beautifully clean. I'd describe the scent strength as medium in intensity. You will receive a half ounce bottle filled with as much powder as I can pack in by volume, gift-wrapped as shown.

I am a Priestess, ordained by The Church of Satan, and I am proud to have created this and for what I do to be appreciated by The Author - my source of inspiration here.

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