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Mercury Dime Reading
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When I was in elementary school, I always sat alone. Often with a deck of cards. I was silently asking the cards questions. I had my designations for my answers. I don't remember if someone taught me this or if I did.

Here and there, another child would observe me then ask what I was doing. "I'm getting my questions answered." That child would then want to know if I could get his or her questions answered. Of course I could, but nothing in life is free. Did he have any candy? Did she have any coins? Everyone has to go away happy and that includes me.

A great deal of my life, I forgot a lot of these things. I'm remembering and welcoming them back.

Have you ever heard of Mercury Dimes? They are 90% silver. They were only minted from 1916-1945. None were minted in 1932 and 1933 due to The Great Depression.

They're used in Folk Magic for protection, prosperity and games of chance. They're considered to be Magical because the winged face greatly resembles Mercury, the Roman god of communication, commerce and trickery. The face is actually that of Lady Liberty.

The Leap Year Mercury Dimes are thought to be the most potent. There were seven different ones minted. I set out on the fun-for-me quest to collect one of each so as to have a complete set. And I've succeeded. I use these as I used those cards as a child to answer my questions and those of others interested in this unusual type of reading,

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Select the duration and method of communication that feels right for you.

In the case of the most basic option, e-mail me [] your question. Feel free to be as long-winded/in depth as you like. You will in turn receive an e-mail with a photo of what my Mercury Dimes expressed as well as my write up of your reading.

For the video chat option, you'll receive an e-mail with my availability. As we coordinate our schedules, we'll communicate a bit about your questions, if you are so inclined. After our video chat, I'll e-mail you a photo of what my Mercury Dimes expressed as well as a write up summarizing your reading.

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Ethics and Policies

By purchasing any of my services, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older and agree that you’ve read and understood these guidelines.

Thank you for letting me read for you. I take this responsibility seriously. While I’m working with you, you have my complete attention. I use real, physical tools. I do not use auto-generated meanings or scripts. I want to give you a genuine, heartfelt reading.

While we work together, I will strive to create a place of calm for you to feel seen and heard.

I am welcoming to people of all walks of life. I try to be a kind and caring human being. If you do the same, we will likely get along.

I keep any contact we share completely confidential. You are welcome to share information from your reading with whomever you choose, but I will always keep your reading private.

My approach is advice-based. I do not predict the future. We're focusing on you and your path.

All purchases are final, and except in extenuating circumstances; refunds are not available.

I hope to work with you! But, my practice may not be suited for everyone. I reserve the right to offer a refund and refuse service if it seems we are not a good fit.

Please consult an expert when necessary. Mentoring and readings are intended to be fun tools to spark personal growth. These services are not a replacement for professional psychological advice, medical advice, legal advice etc.

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