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Kyphi Perfume
$11.25 - $126.00

"Kyphi" is the Greek version of the Egyptian word "Kp-t" ["Kapet"], most probably meaning incense, temple incense or offering.

This all natural perfume is based on what is known of the Ancient Egyptian incense [ Kyphi / Kapat ] recipe dedicated to The Sun God Ra.

I've blended together essential oils and CO2 extracts of Indian Wild Frankincense, Somalian Myrrh, Bulgarian Juniper Berry, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, extremely precious Blue Lotus, Indian Galangal, Cinnamon Bark from Sri Lanka, Virginia Cedarwood, aged Italian Orris Root Butter, an accord I designed evocative of Dragon's Blood another meant to convey red wine-soaked fruits and Benzoin I tinctured myself.

A fascinating article about Ra / Re / Ra-Horakhty / Amun / Atum -

For those who do not mind animal by-products, the blend of everything listed above is diluted in Bee Pollen I extracted myself.

For those who prefer no animal by-products of any kind in their perfumes, my Vegan option is diluted in Royal Hojari Frankincense from Oman I extracted myself.

Eau de Parfum concentration. This olfactive treasure is not clear, it is richly clouded. Much like the smoke sent up to Ra thousands of years ago.

Shake before using. If you have dry skin [as do I!], moisturize well with your favorite unscented body oil [I love Argan!] and allow your skin to drink that up before applying any all natural perfume.

Meticulously prepared in small batches by me, an ordained Priestess of Mendes. Kyphi/Kapat was traditionally created by The Priesthood.

1mL/approximately 20 gorgeous drops presented to you in an amber glass bottle adorned with a simple metallic gold ankh.

3.7mL/One Dram presented to you in an amber glass bottle adorned with a simple metallic gold ankh.

14mL/Half Ounce presented to you in a clear glass Art Nouveau bottle with black cap adorned with a simple metallic gold ankh.

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