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Hallowe'en Soap

Made with an all vegetable-derived glycerin soap and cosmetic-grade pigments, micas and glitters. No two bars are exactly alike. Scented with my proprietary olfactive formulations.

[Coffin With Bats]
-4.5 oz.
-Purple Glitter Bar + Pink Detailing
-Scented with Rain + Patchouli

[Skulls & Bones]
-3.25 oz.
-Green Glitter Bar + Yellow Detailing
-Scented with Apple + Mint

[Spider & Cobweb]
-6 oz.
-Red Glitter Bar + Black Detailing
-Scented with Coffee Beans & Spiced Woods

-5.5 oz.
-Antique Silver Bar + Dried Wormwood
-Scented with Willow Branches

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