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Fresh Gilded Kyphi Incense
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"Kyphi" is the Greek version of the Egyptian word "Kp-t" ["Kapet"], most probably meaning incense, temple incense or offering.

This all natural incense is based on what is known of the Ancient Egyptian [ Kyphi / Kapat ] recipe dedicated to The Sun God Ra.

The wet ingredients for this batch of Kyphi Incense include organic raisins and dates, raw local honey and rare real Blue Lotus essential oil soaking in red wine.

After aging, I added the mixture of powdered ingredients for this batch. Oman Hougari Royal as well as Black Frankincense. Mysore Sandalwood powder meticulously collected as a byproduct of the Artists carving it. Storax Bark. Myrrh from Kenya, Red Cedarwood, Italian Juniper Berries, Galangal & Orris Roots, Saigon Cinnamon, Gold Seal & Medieval Dragon's Blood and a few secrets.

After aging a bit more, I formed all into pieces and kneaded in a dusting of my signature for this batch. Powdered precious woods, dried roots and petals and resins - agarwood, vetiver, rose, and more black frankincense, dragon's blood and orris root.

Each piece was then given a gold beauty treatment. The entire process began on The New Moon of September 2021 and was completed on The New Moon of 2021.

My favorite way to use this is in an electric incense heater. I get a metal cupcake liner, pour in a bit of olive oil and tear off a small pearl on medium heat. It also does great added to the melted wax of an unscented, glass-encased jar candle. Another way is add a bit to olive oil in the sort of tealight burner usually used for wax melts. And, of course, with charcoals. I am a fan of bamboo and coconut charcoals because they do not interfere with the fragrance. I do think that direct heat makes for a lessened overall experience with this Kyphi of mine, however.

You will receive four small slightly moist "cakes". The total weight being at least a generously-sized half ounce total. Each "cake" is good for at least four uses.

A fascinating article about Ra / Re / Ra-Horakhty / Amun / Atum -

Meticulously prepared in small batches by me, an ordained Priestess of Mendes. Kyphi/Kapat was traditionally created by The Priesthood.

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