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Florida Water
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Part of my Spring Equinox work last year focused on creating Batch #1 of my All Natural Florida Water. My take on a 125 year old formulation.

I first added a small amount of German Chamomile to my Perfumer's Alcohol. That particular Chamomile was about 15 years old. It was once a brilliant blue, with time turned emerald green. I hoped it would add a bit of natural color to the batch, but I didn't. Still a lovely way to soften the alcohol.

I then added all of my other beautiful natural oils. Including, but not limited to Italian Bergamot, French Wild Lavender, Vietnamese Litsea Cubeba, Egyptian Neroli, Moroccan Rosemary, Indian Jasmine and a blend of Rose Absolutes from Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey.

After thoroughly mixing, I took a small sample for testing. Dried rosehips, lavender and bay leaves were added to the pint jar before it was sealed. It was aged for another five days on my Prosperity Altar before being strained and bottled for sale.

I've been making this for myself for many years. This is the first time I've offered it to others. High end, all natural ingredients make for high end, all natural outcomes in my experience. Use this on your Ritual Accoutrements and yourself when you REALLY mean business.

Available in two sizes. The sample size is half a mL, so please understand that the sample vial will only be half full. The bottle for the sample size will vary. Not guaranteed to be as pictured. The other size available is 15mL. Don't you love those spray bottles? So Art Nouveau.

Offered as a curiosity. A work of Art. You decide if it's anything more than that.

This is not water from Florida. This is a Folk Magic eau de parfum.

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