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Blue Lotus Absolute Dilution

Blue Lotus Absolute is one of the most expensive components in the world. As you can tell from the price, this is a proper dilution. Don't let the fact that each dram "only" contains 2% Blue Lotus Absolute dissuade you. It took nearly three ounces of choice blossoms to create that bit of precious oil.

The Blue Lotus Absolute I'm using here is from India. It is Therapeutic Grade. You want it for those benefits, though the very light scent is also quite pleasant.

It's Latin Name is Nymphea Caerulea. It is also known as Egyptian Blue Water Lily and Sacred Water Lily.

I've diluted it with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Allow it to settle and warm to your skin for most accurate evaluation.

Wear this when you want to unwind and meditate. Known to bring about feelings of tranquility, heightened sensuality and vivid dreams.

You will receive one dram, as pictured, filled with 4mLs - approximately 80 precious drops. This is only for anointing the skin and is not to be taken internally. None of the props in the photos are included.

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