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Black Nightshade Ink

Black Nightshade Berries I grew from seed have here been turned into Magical Ink!

I also designed a befitting scent to very, very, *VERY* lightly fragrance this batch comprised of Davana, Myrrh and Orange Blossom Water Absolute. These trace amounts of essential oils add more thematic "oomph!" and make the scents of some of the other components more pleasant to work with.

Lots of Magical Properties to this formulation. Traditionally used for Communications with The Dead, writing out Curses and Binding Spells. Wet, it's violet. Dry, it's blue. With time, it will very likely fade to grey. A beautiful chameleon for your works.

Please have a look-see at this video. It shows the colors of the ink and how it is to write and paint with using the simplest of tools [two differently-sized paint brushes + a toothpick]..

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Shake well before using and here and there while using. Have a bit of patience while this dries. Well worth the wait.

Though I have added natural ingredients that will preserve this, please consider storing it in the refrigerator.

I'm offering this limited edition item to you as a curiosity. A work of art. You decide if it's anything more than that.


This is the first type of Handmade Magical Ink I created. The cost is different for each type because the ingredients and methods of preparation are different for each type. The other two types are Iron Skull and Medieval Dragon's Blood. Please see my Etsy listings if interested in those.

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