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Beeswax Poppet

I sculpted the original Poppet, made a mold, cast each with unfiltered beeswax further scented with my blend Funeral Pyre. The beeswax is colored with Autumnal spices and lovingly dusted with mica.

Each is wrapped in aged, frayed silk and placed in a coffin I cast in resin. The resin is colored a lovely shade of old green, dried wormwood is mixed in. The coffins are a bit roughed up so as to look right with everything else and seem well worn, well used and well loved. I've tucked in three old nails and a bit of a Datura Inoxia seed pod as added tools.

I'd personally keep The Poppet wrapped and in the coffin with the lid on when not working. The midsection has recessed areas in a shape evoking eternity. This is where I'd place ingredients telling the intention of my story. These are just my thoughts behind my design. Your Magic is your own. Please do as you are naturally compelled.

These are customizable. Select a different color for The Poppet and/or coffin and/or silk.. Different herbs.. A different scent.. And along these lines if you are Vegan, I can make yours in a different type of wax and wrap yours in a different kind of ribbon. Please contact me about what you envision for your custom Poppet. You will otherwise receive what I've described above.

Give your Poppet a place of permanent prominence in your home and care for your Poppet as you would a valued ally.

I'm offering this Poppet to you here as a curiosity. A work of art. You decide if The Poppet is anything more than that.

Beeswax Poppet Measurements [At Widest Points]: 4" × 1.75" × .75"

Coffin Measurements [With Lid On, At Widest Points]: 4.66" × 2.66" × 1.5"

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