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5mL Perfume Oil

Alchemical Olfactive Delights.
Designed from Alpha to Omega.
Meticulously Crafted & Curated.

Each 5mL [1/6 oz.] amber glass bottle contains only the respective proprietary scent blend, made skin-safe with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

This is the size most tend to acquire after trying a variety of my samples and finding that they have many favorites.


These can be described by their names, but of course..
Feminine: Antique Rose, Butter Cream, Choculala!™, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake, Lilac, Orange Dreamsicle, Vanilla Chai
Masculine: Motor Psycho™
Delicious On Any Sex: Clove, Creeping Ivy™, Dragon's Blood, Lime Sugar™, Nag Champa, Smoky Patchouli.

I'm sure you can understand and appreciate why I don't reveal the notes in each of these..
Conjuration Of Compassion, Conjuration Of Destruction, Conjuration Of Lust.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
TSS's interpretation of a balanced classic, Sandalwood & Vanilla.

Warm, Soft Pumpkin Bread. So comforting.

Ashes, Ashes™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Rose Petals, Bonfire Smoke, Black Oak & notes of Marshmallow + Candy Corn.

Regal Musk, Fine Flowers, Connecting Waters.

Beast Of The Field™
Unpretentious & Quite Complex. Legion of Varied, Subtle Layers.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Black & White & Red All Over..
You will either love or detest this blend. This is intentional, as it was inspired by The Black Dahlia.

Fruit Flesh macerated in a Thick, Resinous Profondo Rosso Syrup accentuated by Dried Flora.

- Gone Forever -

[Delicious On Any Sex]
The most seductive blend of Sandalwoods you will ever come across.

A fragrant, decrepit cellar. Simple notes become more than their respective parts and make such claustrophobic conditions seem rather soothing.

Creme Furies™
The Three Furies in three overlapping ways creating The Perfection Calibrated by Nine.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Crisp Autumn Air Overfilled With Falling Leaves.

The Devil Is A Gentleman™
Captivating. Epicurean. Unbridled.
Spikenard, Sandalwood & Blackened Amber.

Peppercorns, Cloves & A Feral Countenance.

Dusk Rum™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Dreams full of promise, seen within The Closing Horizon.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
As The Flame is different every time it catches The Eye, so is this new every time you smell it. More to the morph than notes of Apple, Spiced Citrus & Pumpkin.

Funeral Pyre™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
The perfect mourning scent. It smells eerily like a Dark Fragrant Fire.

Geek Love™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
This is your ticket to all of The Attractions tucked away in the dusty, amber-lit Ten-In-One.

Hellfire Club™
By Invitation Only.
Potent. Animalistic. Fine Leather, Musk-Laden Smoke.

Horned Apple™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Two Apples, Autumnal Flowers, Crisp Air, Sweet Cream.

Ignis Fatuus™
A Jack O'Lantern filled with Sugared Nuts, set afire burning brightly blue and overflowing with Creamed, Honeyed Fruits.

Les Fleurs Du Mal™
["The Flowers Of Evil"]

Five Flowers, Orange-Musk Smoke & Ambergris.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Lies Just Beneath The Dark Waters' Surface. Perhaps this will awaken the untapped potential within you.

Lone Wolf™
Cloves, Vetiver & Red Sandalwood.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
An Antique Oak Basket filled with Brown Sugar-Kissed Apples.

Monster Baby™
Soft Gingerbread, Pumpkin Flesh, Hot Spiced Custard.

Naos No More™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
The Resident has forsaken it, yet the air is still rich with past offerings of Nutmeg, Amber, Balsam and Dried Woods. Deep, sultry, decrepit and musky.

Parlor Tricks™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Drinking Spirits & Bobbing For Apples In Black Celebration.

Rabid (Over You)™
Strawberry Syrup drizzled atop Green Fruits soaked in Absinthe.

Red Devil™
Red & Black Sandalwoods, Dark Amber, Curacao, Cajun Spices.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Quiet, damp, cold fertile soil.

Sardonic Moon™
Pear Surrounded By A Complexity, The Woods By Night & Two Drops Of Blood Red Ambrein.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
Powered By The Night's Wind & Imagination.
Echoes Of A Farm Field In Autumn - Delicate, Dry & Cold. A Comfortable Background Scent.

Translucent Flowers, Tea, Gray Moss.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
A Melted Dark Chocolate Martini with just a touch of Effervescent, Bright Champagne.

Stygian Solstice™
[Delicious On Any Sex]
Iconic Temple Incense Sees The Introduction Of Amber, Vanilla & Cinnamon for this Mephistophelian Mass.

Treat Treat™
Warm, Sugared, Lightly-Spiced Vanilla.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
The Razor in Its Ceremonial Waters. Black Myrrh & Spiced Blood Orange.

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