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Monster Monday is a monthly curated experience. Do you love Horror movies? Tarot/Palm Readings? How about themed cocktails? Snacks? Giveaways? This 21+ ticketed event also has reserved seating options!

The first one will take place on Monday, October 25th, 2021 from 5-9PM at Graze Woodlands at 111 Woodland Ave. in Lexington, KY. The usual food and beverage offerings from this establishment will not be available, as it is closed on Mondays. I work here as a Bartender and am so appreciative of the trust extended to me in being able to host this event!

There is a lot to do. I expect to have all well in place as far as more details and promotional materials made/distributed by October 11th. I'll be doing everything from picking our first film and designing the cocktail and snacks accompanying it to contacting like-minded creative friends for giveaway inclusions, designing and distributing flyers, etc.

I can say that this idea came about on September 28th, 2021 and I have already secured enough Tarot and Palm Readers through the end of the year. And all of the Artists/Businesses I contacted about sending inclusions for the goodie bags are excited to be taking part. Those will be given to those purchasing Reserved Seating as well as the first 13 General Admission Ticket Buyers to arrive.

If you are interested in vending [Horror, Gothic, Magical, Oddity Artists/Writers/etc.], please feel free to contact me. I'm thinking that will be around $25 for at least six feet of table space. Tables and chairs are provided, our venue is every other day a restaurant and bar after all. There are no outlets, so charge those devices in advance. The lighting in the space is beautiful. Bring a tablecloth and your merchandise. You're expected to help promote this event and be completely set up by 5PM. I'll be on site by 1PM to help you with anything needed.

If you are interested in Reserved Seating, that's a very good idea if you actually want a guaranteed comfortable spot to watch our film shown on multiple flatscreens. You'll also recive a complimentary goodie bag containing special offers and samples from independent Artists and Businesses for each seat reserved.

I'll create a cocktail themed for each month's film and snacks. You can order those in advance or during the event. Keep your half of each drink ticket for the drawing after the film!

I hope you're as excited as I am!
Sara Josephine Clarke

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